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September 13, 2016


As part of Chevron’s normal benefits review process, Chevron has selected new claims administrators for the medical and dental plans beginning January 1, 2017. Bohdan Rohbock, Lead Analyst on Chevron’s US Health and Welfare Benefits Project, and Bill Wei, Manager Towers Watson OneExchange, presented a program about the new post 65 medical benefit changes for 2017.   Chevron restrictions prohibited us from recording our program, however; you may view a professional recording of a different speaker presenting the same program here.

                            Bohdan Rohbock – Project Lead

 U.S. Health and Welfare Benefits Design

 Bohdan joined Chevron in 2012 as an intern after having served in various HR positions at various companies.  As a certified Senior Human Resources Professional, Bohdan has worked in positions in Upstream, Downstream, Corporate HR, and Corporate Strategic Planning.  He provides project management to the Total Remuneration benefits team and has worked on the U.S. Health and Welfare Benefits Design Project from its early stages.


Bill Wei - Manager

Towers Watson OneExchange

Bill joined Towers Watson OneExchange in 2012 as head of training and development at the Dallas Service Center.  As a certified John Maxwell Team speaker, Bill is responsible for providing training and mentoring to all other OneExchange Ambassadors.  Prior to coming to OneExchange, Bill served in various corporate management positions.  Bill provides first in class service as he speaks to retirees all over the United States about retiree healthcare benefits and the individual marketplace.


Door Prizes

What would a Metro Houston Chapter meeting be without Door Prizes?  Check our who won this time at Door Prize Winners.

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