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Scholarship History

  • October 2000:  Chapter Vice President Shirald Hendrix made a motion at the board meeting that our chapter establish an annual $1,000 academic scholarship for children or grandchildren of dues-paying chapter members. The board approved the motion.
  • October-December 2000: The scholarship criteria were established for selection of the recipient. Shirald Hendrix did the groundwork using requirements and criteria from the University of Houston, University of St. Thomas, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, etc.
  • December 2000: The scholarship program was presented at our December luncheon for membership approval. Approval was granted.
  • January 2001: Scholarship committee was formed, consisting of Shirald Hendrix/chair, Charlie Rhoads, Gordon Campbell, Ann Hudson, John Prestwood, Chic Racer, Pansy Meyer, and Ricky Mercado.
  • June 2001: Lori Yount, daughter of Gail and Jay Yount, was announced as the first scholarship recipient. Three applications were received.
  • September 2001: Lori Yount enrolled at the University of Missouri as a journalism major and editor of the student-run university newspaper. She achieved a 4.0 GPA and was named to the dean’s list both semesters of her freshman year.
  • October 2001: Encore recognized the MHC scholarship program.
  • January 2002: Chapter President Shirald Hendrix made a motion to the board that the $1,000 scholarship be continued for 2002-2003 academic year. The motion was seconded by Ann Hudson and received board approval.  Shirald continued as committee chair and named 5 people to the committee.
  • September 2002: Ryan DeBoard, grandson of Bob and Evelyn DeBoard, was announced as the second recipient.  He enrolled at Vanderbilt University as a biomedical research major. Five applications were received. 
  • January 2003: Shirald Hendrix, then Immediate Past President, continued as chair of the scholarship committee.
  • May 2003: For its efforts implementing the first CRA chapter scholarship program, the Metropolitan Houston Chapter was awarded a Certificate of Recognition for Commendable Public Service as part of the 2003 Public Service Award Program for ChevronTexaco retirees.
  • 2003 – 2019: Annual scholarship by MHC has continued.
A complete list of scholarship recipients follows:
  • 2001 Lori Yount $1,000 Daughter of Jay Yount
  • 2002 Ryan DeBoard $1,000 Grandson of Bob DeBoard
  • 2003 James G Lewis $1,000 Grandson of Art and Ruth O’Brien
  • 2004 Tara M Horn $1,000 Granddaughter of George J Larrabee
  • 2005 Kelly L Connelly $1,500 Granddaughter of Charles J Connelly
  • 2006 Timothy Mouton $1,500 Grandson of Gene Allison
  • 2007 Christopher Causey $1,500 Grandson of Charles Mace
  • 2008 Joseph Denton $1,500 Grandson of Bill Denton
  • 2009 Robert Sutherland $1,500 Grandson of Bill and Margaret Roher
  • 2010 Richard T. Causey $2,000 Grandson of Charles and Nancy Mace
  • 2011 Heidi Webking $2,000 Granddaughter of Jan Allison
  • 2012 Abigail Robertson $2,000 Niece of Jim Robertson
  • 2013 Michael Moritz $2,000 Grandson of Jean Moritz
  • 2014 Michael Bloom $2,000 Grandson of Norbert Buchsbaum
  • 2015 Klara Baker $2,000 Granddaughter of Doris Baker
  • 2016 Aidan Cupples $2,000 Grandson of Dr. Barrett Cupples
  • 2017 Michaela Christine Reinhart $2,000 Granddaughter of Ray and Rita Casserly
  • 2018 Elizabeth Ann (Annie) Skoneki $2,000 Granddaughter of Shirald and Suzy Hendrix

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