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Scholarship Program

               More than 18 years ago a motion was made by this chapter’s Vice President Shirald Hendrix to the board of directors to establish a scholarship program for a child or grandchild of a dues-paying chapter member.  That motion eventually resulted in the creation of the Metropolitan Houston Chapter Scholarship Program. 

                This year we had seven viable candidates, five of which completed the submission of all required documents.  Their test scores, transcript, grade point average, and confidential references make up 80 percent of their evaluation, with a personal essay making up the other 20 percent of a candidate’s score.  Going into the committee’s evaluation of the essays, three candidates had the potential to be the recipient. 

                Our recipient of the 2018 MHC Scholarship is Elizabeth Ann (Annie) Skoneki. She has an outstanding academic record and test scores, and has played on basketball, volleyball, soccer, and track teams for her school.  She was captain of the volleyball team her senior year when the team won a state championship.  She has tutored children in low-income areas of her city and mentored incoming freshmen students at her school.  She was active in her school student government and is on a leadership team at her church.  She has been on three mission trips, including one to the Dominican Republic and two to Haiti and she is planning to go on her fourth to Kenya.  Annie will attend Auburn University Nursing School and plans to become an Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner.

 In her essay, Annie stated “It’s exciting to think my Grandaddy’s former career could help launch mine!”.   Accepting the award for her is her granddaddy, the man who first put in the motion to establish this scholarship before the board over 18 years ago,  Shirald Hendrix and his wife Suzy.

 Our chapter has awarded scholarships for nearly $30,000 in the 18 years since it was established.  All of the scholarship funds are voluntary donations and do not come from your dues.  Thanks for supporting your Scholarship Program.

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