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December 11, 2018

December Program


Hayden Braun

Hayden Braun was born in December of 1966...completely blind.  At the age of 4 he heard his 6 year old brother playing "Silent Night" on a little keyboard. Having never been on a piano of any kind...when his brother got up Hayden went to the keyboard and played "Silent Night" as if he had been playing all along. The rest as they say is history! He has a natural God given talent that goes much further than having lost one of his senses. His keen ear affords him perfect pitch, he can play any style of music in any key after hearing the song just one time.


Hayden loves to play his favorites such as "Chariots of Fire" and Neil Diamond's "Coming to America" and he loves to learn new instruments. He and his wife Pat picked up a used accordion at a music store and before they got to the check out stand he was already playing music on it!  He has played at several international conventions and also was the pianist for a Ronald Reagan Prayer Breakfast. Hayden and Pat attend a church in Conroe, Tx. where he shares his musical gift as well with his church family. He has an amazing talent and anyone who is present at one of his "performances" will be amazed as well!

Door Prizes

What would a Metro Houston Chapter meeting be without Door Prizes?  Check out who won this time at Door Prize Winners.

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